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30 MW Solar Power Plant

Armenia’s government has decided that Solar energy should account for at least 20 percent of Armenian electricity output by the year 2030. Then, Energy Minister Ashot Manukian said the government objective is to ensure that renewable sources meet at least half of Armenia’s energy needs within the next few years.

The Biggest Solar Power plant of Rating 30 MW was installed in the year 2015 with an estimated cost of 32 Million USD. The 30 MW plant was built in Mets Masrik, a village close to the eastern coast of Lake Sevan. The landmark project is financed from a World Bank grant allocated to the Armenian government in 2012.

A consortium of three companies including Vollwert BV Netherlands executed the Project to the fullest satisfaction of the customer. The Armenian Energy Ministry said they promised the lowest cost of electricity to be generated at the facility. It will be cheaper than power supplied by scores of small hydroelectric plants scattered around the mountainous country, the ministry said.