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Integrated Cement Plant

In 2003, Asia Cement Public Company Limited  took over Jalaprathan Cement Plant in Northern Thailand and decided to upgrade the plant to touch the total production of 60,000 Tons Per Day of Cement.

Asia Cement Public Company Limited decided to combine management in order to enhance overall efficiency in providing services, increase strength in business and integrate overall management to the same direction.

With the management pool handled by a professional team, the company now can better serve the customers’ demands.

Asia Cement Company has two limestone quarries which is situated 0.8 km. and 4.2 km. from the plant respectively. There are two rotary kilns at the plant and two preheater tower with calciner for each kiln.

The production system of Asian Cement Plants was begun from a wet process and then developed to a semi-dry process. Currently, both plants are operated by a dry process using coal / lignite as a major fuel to replace bunker oil for less production cost and better product quality. In early 2008,  Asian Cement Plant installed the first rice husk feeding system that enabled the replacement of coal and lignite at a rate of around 5%, as heat substitution.