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Industrial Refrigeration Package

Vietnam Golden Seafood Company is one of the bigger Seafood Processing plants in Vietnam with daily production capacity of 100 TPD.  A new Plant with a capacity of 40 Tons processing capacity and with EU approval was built in the year 2016 with growing European and Japanese  market into consideration.

Vollwert Group has supplied and installed the Entire Plant with Ammonia based Refrigeration System for this plant.

Vollwert has supplied the following major systems

  • Individual Quick Freezer of capacity 1000 Kg Per Hour
  • Blast Freezer 5 Ton
  • Plate Freezer 1 ton
  • Flake Ice Machine 25 Tons per Day
  • Ammonia Screw Compressors.
  • Pressure Vessels and Condensers for the Plant.
  • Complete electrical and Instrumentation system.
  • PLC based SCADA system for Plant Controls.