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Industrial Projects and Systems

We offer our complete solutions to different Industry Verticals. With our vast experience over the last years, we have emulated specific solutions for different industry verticals which shall result in Energy savings, better production, less down time and better transparency in the process.

Cement Industry

As far as Cement Industry is concerned, one needs to overcome various levels of complexities which, on the other hand gives us the dominance over others in this field. Vollwert brings you more than the powerful combination of automation expertise and validation experience. Beyond validation, we push ourselves to the edge for integrating the new and overcoming the unexpected.

Food & Beverages Industry

Being one of the best in class as per the industrial standards, Vollwert delivers limitlessly to improve food processing capabilities and efficiencies without getting the customer locked in by technology platform limitations. With rapid product changeovers and rising production costs in the food and beverages industry, we try to hand out practical solutions that can be implemented in your way.

Industrial Water Treatment

Industrial Water treatment demands a seamless flow of information to scalable, reliable and secure systems. Vollwert in this field provides a very successful, long term solutions for water utilities. We provide comprehensive Electrical, instrumentation and Process Automation related to water solutions to enhance reliability, reduce downtime and meet all the regulatory requirements. We focus on the development of robust system design specifications which easily allows us to execute projects on time and within budget.

Iron & Steel Industry

Metal production practically has too many technical challenges. Here, a well-established team and a control system that is reliable, durable, sustainable, supportable and upgradable is fundamental. For all this, vast industry experience and proven working lineup is quite essential. At Vollwert, we prepare a clear scope definition to keep your projects on track while ensuring that the system cutovers meet your schedules and production demands.

Chemical & pharmaceuticals Industry

Vollwert ensures the delivery of fully-automated systems that coordinate many individual processes within a plant which at times are very crucial at Chemical plants. We target the development of structured functional specifications for every independent project. We make sure that a well-defined, supportable and standards-based solution is given to every customer we work for.

Pulp & Paper Industry

We understand the challenges facing the Pulp and Paper Products industry and have the skills, resources and methodology to deliver advanced solutions for long term productivity and efficiency. Vollwert provides engineering and technical expertise for the Pulp and Paper industry in all sectors from De-inking to Packing.

Glass Manufacturing Industry

Dedicated expert engineers capable of creating solutions for the most challenging and demanding manufacturing applications are readily available with Vollwert. We provide with proven project management and a collaborative approach which often has the advantage of steady and stable commissioning of plants within the time span and under the budget recognized.

Textile & Apparel Industry

We provide with versatility to deliver value anywhere in your initiative, from problem solving to concept, design to implementation, validation, commissioning, qualification and beyond for the perfection that needs to be achieved in a textile industry. At Proficient Automation, we generate certain level of scope to be on track with the projects while making it sure that the system meets your schedules and production demands.

Packaging & Labelling Industry

Be intuitive and enhancing the system with latest technologies is the biggest challenge in packaging industry. At Vollwert  we relish working in the field of packaging industry which brings in quite a lot of unexpected challenges every now and then. Vollwert works in the most crafted way to implement work techniques and execute projects in packaging industry.

Mining and metal Industry

Mining industry always demands for a well-established team and a control system that is reliable, durable, sustainable, supportable and upgradable. Vollwert targets the development of structured specifications for every project in the field of mining industry to deliver the best to meet client requirements.